The “Why” of Charity Bomb



From Executive Director & Founder, Matthew Leone

I thought it was as good of a time as any to take a step back to reflect and share the “whys” of Charity Bomb.

Before I send you into the abyss of my winding tale, I want you to know the three main things I have found to be scientifically proven and that I hope will also prove to enrich your life. My ultimate goal is to create generations of socially and emotionally intelligent humans who will be rewarded in this life and the next.

1. EQ/SEL EDUCTATION: Our children’s emotional circuitry is hard-wired in their preteen years. Some experts estimate most of their  personality is formed by the age of five.  It is critical that their education involves EQ/SEL (social emotional learning). This will create confident, self-aware, empathetic and emotionally resilient minds, able to avoid the pitfalls of fear, anxiety, addiction, and stress.  With proper SEL, the will be able to navigate their way to a happy, healthy and emotionally functional life.

2. YOGA & MEDITATION: I’ve never heard a bad word about either of these activities and I will presume, from experience, that it’s because they are universally effective. I’ve practiced daily for at least ten minutes and my life has benefited immensely.

3. PERSPECTIVE: Perspective creates our reality, while 99% of the time it’s inaccurate. Imagine interacting with an individual or a social/peer group where most are looking at things through an inaccurate lens. Most of us don’t have to imagine this. We can, however,  all imagine a world in which we don’t have to deal with false negative filters.

I hope you’ll  enjoy my travel logs on route to Charity Bomb, the ultimate purpose of my life.

MY UNIQUE SPIN INSIDE AND OUTSIDE OF THIS GLOBE – Reflections of My Near Death Experience

This is a confluence of what I know to be true about life with a splash of subjective assertions from what I know to be true about my life. And there’s no ambiguity about which parts are which. I’m cognizant that everyone’s perspective is developed from their own stew of nature/nurture, environment, family, friends, social spaces, experiences, and so on. I lost mine for a number of years until I got my bell rung in 2010.  I come bearing great news for everyone here. It’s my hope and ambition to impart this news on you in a way that is meaningful, impactful and enriching  from the moment you’re done reading.

The year my “bell got rung” didn’t change me but it changed my experience of me.

You can google my full story (warning-it’s not pretty), but succinctly put, I encountered the ultimate bully, red with rage, beating a woman on the streets of Chicago. I intervened before he would ultimately take his act of domestic abuse all the way to murder. The abuser turned his anger towards me and unapologetically left me for dead. Subsequently, I had a third of my skull removed , flatlined three times within a few hours, and surfed various couches for just over one year. This is how the universe brought me back to fight the good fight and to love the world again:

If you can conceive of an experience without time and space, which are human constructs, please do so throughout this metaphor. We are imbued with our five senses to interpret the world, our sixth sense necessitates imagination, so I devised this context as a way I can describe these experiences.

In the exact moment when I first went flat, I felt a bliss that cannot be described. My interpretation of what was happening was very clear. The negative events, experiences and emotions from birth through life, manifest into toxic cells and are stored in our joints, muscles and fatty tissues, resulting in a subtle, gradual and exceedingly pervasive trajectory of pain.

Leaving the body was leaving that pain caused by the toxic events and my emotional evaluation of each.

If you add a grain of salt to your dish every day for over 30 years you wouldn’t notice it. If you took a bite thirty years ago, and another one now, back to back, imagine how salty that might be. Every regret, loss, shame, gluttony,  tragedy,  guilt thought etc. erased from existence in an instant, is the most liberating physical feeling you can imagine. In death, you are rid of the skin suit and everything that you thought mattered is neutralized, by the only thing that does, love.

And very satisfyingly, your consciousness is very much alive and well and you remain you. I was in an experience that can be described as a vast and endless expanse of space. Something so extraordinarily immense it can’t be measured, and is endless. Yes, there was the glowing, radiant ball of love and euphoria, inclusive of everyone and everything that represents all that is good. And each of the trillions of particles that comprise each of us and everything in our intelligent universe are translated by frequency waves.

As the bliss was drawing me into its harmonic euphoria, there was no chance I would ever leave my twin brother Nathan. I can now add to that my wife and son.  There wasn’t really a choice and that’s what I conveyed in response before waking up from surgery. This giant ball of pleasure wasn’t messing around. I knew it would hurt and this pain was off the spectrum. I came back to be with my loved ones on Earth and to give as much as I can to and for the world..

Most people fear death, mourn loss and don’t like to deal with their own mortality, mainly because it’s the ultimate unknown. What if this is it, it’s over? What if I never see my loved ones again? What if heaven is boring.. or what if I don’t get in?? Where does all the love go and where am I in this? Who am I in this? What was the point of all that?

Here’s the simple truth from the other side:

  • You are YOU. You take your consciousness with you. Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same really? Your loved ones are right there with you, only with more uninhibited, raw, pure adulation- familial, communal, connectedness, oneness, eternal. There’s no such thing as time, so you won’t get tired of it.
  • The natural order of life on earth imbues us with tools to survive and instincts to discern between right and wrong. It teaches us about balance,  that giving feels good, harming feels bad, loving feels good, and stealing feels bad. Life is hard for everyone. Life has also taught us that if you work hard, you are a good person, you have endured – you will be rewarded.
  • Personally, I find exercise taxing and uncomfortable, but I know if I do it every day, I will be in shape and feel better. Exercising personally through working on your social and emotional intelligence and well-being also hurts  but there is a reward. Life is like that protracted over eighty + years and at the end, the reward is immeasurable. I found that out on my trip to never never land.

The Takeaways

  • Keep going, keep trying to do the right thing each day, make the best decisions you can and love. You will be rewarded.
  • Social and Emotional learning are hard work. Nothing worth doing is easy. Sometimes it’s easier to make the wrong decision. That’s a slippery slope. There are no shortcuts.  If you and your family are armed with the right tools and put in the work, you’ll be living your best life and will pass this on to others.
  • Bad times are temporary. I’ve had stellar times and devastating times. I’ve survived every one of these days and have the travel logs to show for it. You do too.

*Even though I’ve learned the other side of this life may be blissful, your life here on earth means something. If you are feeling hopeless, the universe has your back. Sometimes it may feel like the opposite of that, but there’s a plan.  Someone here loves you more than you’ll ever know.

If we have no way of knowing something with 100% certainty, why not choose to believe the best your imagination can conjure?

Sending you and your families all my love,


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