Mental Health Resources – Loving Yourself and Your Family through the Anxiety


If you are feeling more anxious and stressed than ever, know that you are not alone by a long shot.  Of course it is no wonder that stress levels are at an all time high during a pandemic, but how can we cope? What can we do to help our children, our grown ups, and ourselves deal with these overwhelming feelings ? How do we make sure to focus on mental health and self-care during this trying season?

Our team has collected some helpful mental health resources linked below to be used in your home, classroom, or home/classroom hybrid.  Our hope is that this will ease some of your anxiety and will remind you to take time to breathe and to be gentle with yourself through all of the changes. Please remember if you are feeling like you are drowning and need more help, there is no better therapy than actual THERAPY . Start by reaching out to a trusted friend or family member .

Please enjoy the resources below and feel free to share them with your community.

  1. Try giving your worries a place to live outside of your own head. Have you ever seen the Worry Tree? It’s an amazing and simple idea  geared towards children but it’s a great idea for adults as well.
  1. Here are six ways to feel happier and calmer each day. Print this and live by it.
  2. This lady here knows what’s up when it come to self love and self care. Here are some great printables for your home, classroom or home/classroom from Dominee @blessingandmanifesting.
  3. Did you know a large majority of childhood anxiety stems from fear of failure? Help kids build a growth mindset and learn how to manage their feelings with @biglifejournal.
  4. If you have not already heard of Morgan Harper Nichols, you’re in for a treat. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook or sign up on her website to receive inspiring daily mantras.  You’ll find reminders to to be still and to give yourself grace in the form of calming art and lovely words.
  5. If your teen is struggling with anxiety and you don’t know where to begin, try starting with these five simple strategies. The Parent Cue has some amazing parenting advice for keeping our kids mentally healthy.

Do you have any helpful links or resources you’d like to share with our mental health community? Reach out to us. See what we are doing for GenZ social and emotional learning .