Just the Facts Folks..A Study on Emotional Intelligence


You probably already know that social and emotional intelligence is an increasingly important topic.  Our hope is that emotional intelligence (EQ) will eventually be given as much focus as traditional intelligence (IQ) in our school systems. It’s certainly an important focus for our country, especially during this tumultuous year. Check out the 2018 study linked below from our partner Six Seconds as further proof of the importance of EQ.

Key points to note from the deck:

    • In the past few years emotional intelligence has declined by 5% globally. Imagine the downward trajectory during the current pandemic as we are all navigating tough emotions and how to properly react .
    • An increase in national EQ scores show a direct correlation with higher healthcare scores, higher mental health support, and lower military spending.
    • High personal EQ scores are directly related to personal health, positive relationships, success, and quality of life.

Our GenZEQ initiative for engaging social and emotional middle school curriculum is more important than ever as we learn to tackle these unsure times together. It’s important not only to our children, but to our national health as well.  Please stay connected with us and consider supporting our GenZEQ initiative.

Full study by Six Seconds here: Trends in Emotional Intelligence