It’s All About Perspective


Is it just me or does it seem to be especially obvious in the last month how strange these times actually are?  As school goes “back in session”, sports have begun again with no fans, and the political environment becomes more and more heated, it seems a bit on brand with a twilight zone episode.  

It’s sparked a lot of thought in me and discussion with others about perspective. We all know this is not our ideal world but if we can force ourselves to think of some positives or even look at things in a different light the entire situation seems to shift.  Still weird, but easier to manage. 

Ready for a cheesy true story and also an extremely obvious metaphor? Well here it comes. I was on a bike path the other day that I’m very familiar with and even slightly obsessed with, when I got to a point in the trail that said “trail closed ahead for construction” A couple was stopped a ways in front of the sign. They were frustrated and saying,  “Well now what? Now we have to go all the way back to the beginning .” Because I had been on the trail so many times, I knew that just around the corner, there was a slight detour that took you through an adorable town and back onto the same trail. There was only a section that was closed. The couple only needed to go a little further and peek around the corner. Of course, the path could have been much better marked with a detour sign, but that’s not how life is, is it? We have to discover things ourselves and sometimes the hard way. We have to be open to new opportunities. There are paths in front of us that we can’t even see if our minds are only focused on the negative news.  I’ve been forced to pivot a lot lately and though I sure would be thrilled with less changes,  I’m coming to realize I have no idea what’s around the corner. Here’s the thing though- if I don’t allow myself to take a peek, it’s nothing. I’ll either be stuck where I’m at or be forced to go back to the beginning. 

I’ve seen amazing things happen here in the last week. In my own home my kids have started school completely remotely. Although we all anxiously await a normal school year with sports and pep rallies, music and theater, study groups and in person teaching, we have been pleasantly surprised. I’m still hearing stories of funny class moments, new ways of learning, friends in class. I hear music and gym glass still happening from their bedrooms . The teachers and students have blown my mind and warmed my heart. The kids are young and they have not all learned to layer all of these changes with negativity. They are developing an amazing skill through all of this. They are learning to peek around the corner with curiosity and to enjoy the thrill of what is to come instead of being blinded by negativity. 

Our mindset and our perspective are our greatest strengths right now. It’s more important than ever to keep looking for the positives. There is always something. Allow your mind to be open to positivity and new experiences. Good things are sure to be around the corner for you.

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