Earthwalkers for Your Mental Well-Being: A Gratitude Letter to BONES UK


“Your music literally saved my life.” As a musician, the profundity of hearing such an obligingly assembled collection of words from a listener is immeasurably gratifying. But the true beauty of this experience achieves my favorite of all the circumstances, our dear friend, the 360 wins. I love reciprocity. This is why I, and we at Charity Bomb connected with BONES UK instantaneously. The listener paid forward, for me, the debt that would ultimately come due to BONES UK.

Their art and music fires on all of my pistons. The music has a heavy grit, a cool swagger, a comforting vulnerability, and a groove so big you can build a fort and hide inside it. Their art is equally generous, as evidenced by the name of this project, “EARTHWALKERS.”

Further to the glory of Rosie and Carmen’s craft is their humanity. They are the real deal; honest, brimming with empathy, willing to give you their guts, if it would calm and comfort you. See, we traffic in the mental wellness space. We advocate that everyone should be in therapy, for their own sake, of course. Charity Bomb’s central initiative:Operation GENzEQ uses EQ/SEL education for our youth as the first preventative mental illness solution. It’s all there in the science!

For the above-stated reasons, and that we are a music-centric organization, their support of Charity Bomb’s Operation GenZEQ makes all the sense in the world. BONES UK likes the cut of our jib and we like the cut of theirs. We met them when Rosie and Carmen donated their talent to perform at our Strange 80s benefit in Los Angeles. Now, the Grammy Award nominated, brilliant band, and dear friends in BONES UK have chosen to support our mental health educational effort. We love them dearly.

*BONES UK Exclusive Video and Blog to launch on NEXT WEEK!

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Matthew Leone
Founder/ CEO of Charity Bomb

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