Back to School (ish) ??


Staying Socially and Emotionally Healthy in the

2020/2021 School Year

So the last few months have been no walk in the park, but with many of us around the country, the summer weather has at least provided some welcome distractions from what life is looking like these days. Although we are remaining hopeful and even thankful for what the future can bring us, even the sunniest outlooks are feeling a bit dim with the reality of what school is looking like this year. It’s a reminder for many of us that life is still not too close to the “normal” we’d love to see again. 

For so many, Back to School already brings so much anxiety even in a year where (what the?) a pandemic is not happening… from kids: Will I have a friend? Will I be able to keep up? Will they make fun of me? For parents: How will I keep up with the busy schedule? What if they don’t have a friend? Will they miss me?  Now this year brings us even more serious questions.. Will they be safe if they go back? How does a child keep social distance or a mask on all day?  How will they cope mentally if they don’t go back in person?  How does my active child navigate a world with no sports as an outlet? Do I have to quit my job to be home during e-learning? How will they sit still in front of a computer screen all day? Aaahhhh!! Hello mind explosion! 

In a year where we navigate these questions together, it’s more important than ever to focus on our social and emotional intelligence as well as traditional learning . Let’s stay connected with each other. We’ve linked to a few helpful resources below. Feel free to use these to supplement your home schooling, classroom curriculum or to use for your own emotional health.  Remember any negative feelings you have are valid. You and your children or students should always feel heard, but a positive attitude is contagious. Let’s all do the best to rise above and rock this school year! It’s still an opportunity to make a fresh start. This will be a really interesting chapter in our life stories. 

  • Naming your emotion is a great start for all ages. A tool from our partners at 6seconds:
  • Free homeschool/virtual assembly on social and emotional learning for 3rd through 12th graders provided by our partner Dr. Gibbs:

  • Some great tips for parents on e-learning:

  • Printable social and emotional learning worksheets for early learners: